Electric Brush Buying Guide

Oral hygiene and health are very important in our lives and we should prioritize them. According to dentists’ recommendations, we should brush our teeth 2-3 times a day or after every meal. Everybody knows that one of the most important items for maintain good oral hygiene is a toothbrush. If you can buy an electric brush, go ahead and do it for your oral health. Electric brushes have numerous advantages and benefits than regular brushes. A wide range of electric brushes are available in stores thus you need to know what to look for when buying one. The factors below will help you choose the most appropriate electric brush.efgtrhfuyjgth

What to look for when buying an electric brush

  1. Settings

Different electric brushes have different setting and it is up to you to decide the specific settings you want. The most common setting is general cleaning, which is usually appropriate for many people. However, there are several other settings such as sensitive modes, massage modes, quick brushing mode, specialized gum care mode and whitening mode, among others. Check the setting that the electric brush has and buy the one with the specific settings that suit your brushing needs.

  1. Features

Besides settings, electric brushes also come with different features. Each electric brush has unique features and it is important to know the kind of features that the brush has before buying it. Some of the most important features that the electric brush must have include: pressure sensor to prevent you from brushing your teeth hard, two-minute timer that makes a sound when you have brushed your teeth for 2 minutes, and quadrant timer that vibrates after every 30 seconds so that you can start brushing a different part of the teeth.

  1. Battery life

frtgydfuthElectric brushes are powered by batteries and you should always choose one that has good battery life. Select an electric brush that can last for at least 2 weeks on a single charge. A brush that requires you to charge after 2 to 3 days is very time consuming and boring. Remember that this applies for rechargeable electric brushes but there are also those that operate on AA batteries.

  1. Design and operation

Choose an electric toothbrush that has a compact design and simple operation. For instance, it has to be easy to use, comfortable to hold, comfortable to move in the mouth and have simple controls. There are different design styles, in terms of shape and size, available so choose what you want.